27 March 2007

Ditto Beta

"'I love you Molly. I have always loved you,' says Sam.

'Ditto,' answers Molly.

'It's amazing, Molly. The love inside, you take it with you. See you,' says Sam.

'See you,' says Molly." Ghost

Ditto means the same.

When everything remains the same, there is no change. Where there is no change, time becomes an irrelevant factor. Yesterday equals today, and today equals tomorrow. Everything becomes ditto.

If people stay the same throughout their lifetime, they will always deliver negative touchpoint experience.

Overtime, everyone expects improvement, but not degradation.

Improvement is the result of knowledge acquisition, but acquiring knowledge alone doesn't necessarily bring improvement. Knowledge is cumulated in terms of quantity, but improvement requires the quality of people to really bring forward the actual improvement. Quality here refers to the ability to walk the talk, and the willingness to stay humble, learn continously, and share freely.

People should acquire and cumulate knowledge day by day.

Knowledge acquisition is learning. Learning is a lifetime process. Learning is meaningless if it is not a lifelong exercise, because things change. Things learned yesterday are obsolete today, and will be dinosaur tomorrow.

People should not be motivated by others to learn, because knowledge acquired belong to the learner alone and only. Learning is definitely not doing a favor for others. Sharing knowledge actually reinforces the power of knowledge acquisition.

Motivation is a motive for action, and it is also the reason that a person chooses to do anything. If the action brings positive results, it is an improvement. Else, it is wasted effort.

People like to compare. By comparing, they can identify the best and the worst. Comparison is impossible when nothing is ever changed.

The world will be a better place when everyone share this same mindset.

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