10 March 2007

Dream Beta

"The questions you ask are too simple, sometimes naive." Jiang Zemin

When something is changed, it is changed. There is no hope of returning to square one. It is more wrong hoping that by investing more, the good old days will come back. Fact is, the more one continues to invest, the more one is going to suffer. There is simply no point of return, until the person wakes up.

Dreaming is always nice. Everything can be done in a dream, but can also be undone in the dream. Nobody has to worry about the consequence of wrongdoings in the dream. Nobody has to bear any responsibility.

However, a dream is still a dream. It does not last forever. In fact, nothing lasts forever. When the dream is expired, reality returns. Everything is back to normal. Everyone has feelings again. Everyone feels happy, sad, angry and glad; and all these give experience.

To dreamer, dream is positive touchpoint experience, and reality negative. Pencil is positive, and pen negative. Talk the walk is positive, and walk the talk negative. Anything abstract is positive to dreamers, anything solid, negative.

It is time to get up. Abstract does not even exist. Small deeds done are better than great deeds planned. Positive touchpoint experience is about going from A to B without inventing letters between.

Good night. Sweet dreams... then daydream again during the day...

1 comment:

monchhichi said...

Dream is still a dream! is it always true? it may be a good question to think of.
Its interesting! Have you ever come arcoss a situation in reality which was happend in your previous dreams?! You got familiar with the scene and..feel well with it.
Dream, may be an object to rely on, happy, sad, excitement, scare..all are there!
Dream - amazing..and.. mysterious!!^_^