27 March 2007

Zero Beta

"No man should think himself a zero, and think he can do nothing about the state of the world." Bernard Baruch

The number line is a line that starts at zero, and goes to negative infinity on the left and to positive infinity on the right. But why to the right is positive and left negative? Why can't it be the otherwise?

In Economics, the graphical presentation of demand is price on Y-axis, and quantity on X-axis. It is not right because dependant should be on X, and independent on Y.

People know it, but they still prefer to stick with what they are comfortable with. Comfort zone encourages people to stay lazy. It is actually a wall, or an obstacle to reaching success. Comfort zone then becomes a danger zone.

In this danger zone, nothing will be achieved, and everything simply ends up being zero.

The reason why people like to stay in comfort zone is twofold. First, nobody likes discomfort. Second, everyone enjoys comfort. It is no uncommon sense.

Achieving success requires one to move out of the comfort zone, and doing so does not require any planning. It is ineffective to put oneself in the wait-and-see mode to move out of comfort zone.

What one needs to do is shift+delete comfort zone, meaning forget about the existence of comfort.

When there is no concept of comfort zone, everywhere is the same. When there is no difference in zone type, people have to move around and try different things. That's going to be non-zero improvement, which ultimately delivers positive touchpoint experience.

Run away from zero, the smallest number. Run towards infinity, not defined as a very large number, but BEYOND any number! Infinity is about endlessness, reflecting the fact that the number line goes on forever.

Doing right thing at right time is knowledge. Knowing when to do right thing at right time is wisdom. However, knowing without doing delivers either neutral or negative touchpoint experience, while knowing then doing positive.

Reverse the sequence of "hope for the best, prepare for the worst." People will be better off to first prepare for the worst thus setting low expectation, then hope for the best to exceed expectation.

Zero is the origin. Every changes come from the same origin.

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