07 February 2007

Shift+Delete Beta

"Really the best thing to do is to keep hitting delete, delete, delete, delete. Just get rid of everything." Harry Ponfil

People always like to keep everything, although it has no value, or even negative value. There is really no solid reason for keeping everything. It is not rational, and definitely not logical. Why create more waste when unlimited amount of rubbish is already being produced every day?

People have the habit of just "deleting" and store everything in the recycle bin. Is this only a habit though? The more the touchpoint, the deeper the relationship. It is really difficult to let bygones be bygones. However, where the touchpoint chain is terminated, and no future touchpoint is possible, it will be better off to simply permanently delete, and save the task of emptying the recycle bin to permanently remove. Storing everything in the recycle bin delivers no value to anyone. What is the point of using "delete" when everyone can "shift+delete" to lessen the pain in remembering unhappy thoughts?

It is definitely a wrong move to simply "delete" when that valueless something can be permanently deleted in the first place.

Never give excuse to restore that valueless something. It is only going to hurt more!!! Never allow the pain of negative touchpoint experience to unnecessarily alter behavior. Help me... help me! Don't use back up as an excuse to keep rubbish in the recycle bin. The rubbish won't thank anyone for keeping it in the recycle bin, but will only laugh at this stupid act of hoping for the best.


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