05 February 2007

Period Beta

"The truth simply is that's all. It doesn't need reasons: it doesn't have to be right: it's just the truth. Period." Frederick Carl Frieseke

When enough has been said and done, but nobody appreciates and acknowledges the efforts, and everyone still only makes up excuses to deny everything being done, it becomes a complete waste of time to prove anything. If future touchpoint experience is going to be negative, then it is more right than wrong to terminate the never-ending negative touchpoint chain. It is even better to explore other opportunities than solve existing problems. There is simply no reason to maintain the negative touchpoint chain forever, and suffer from long-term pain unreasonably.

Life already contains more downs than ups. In order to stay happy and healthy, which are the two most important things in life, get rid of everything and everyone that only bring sorrow.

Nothing lasts forever. Forget about history. Look ahead. Don't ever give up the whole forest for one tree. It is just not worth it. At the end of the day, nobody is going to take pity on anyone. :)

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Anonymous said...

Lying to oneself is to make oneself feels better.