02 February 2007

Chance Beta

"Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice; it is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved." William Jennings Bryan

What does a sinner want?

He or she definitely wants everyone consciously and unconsciously forgets completely about how he or she behaved in the past. What is done cannot be undone, and it is sometimes impossible to be forgotten, but time heals what reason cannot.

Forgiveness means nothing if everyone still expects the sinner to repeat the same mistakes, and consciously and unconsciously handles the sinner with precaution.
It really does not matter whether or not the sinner is explicitly labeled a sinner. The sinner may be stupid enough to make the wrong first move, but the sinner is not stupid enough not to be able to realize how he or she is being treated.

The second chance is really not about forgiveness, but a chance to reborn, and to be a brand new person.

Of course, everything has a pattern. Things happened in the past are definitely are more likely to happen again in the future. However, it should still be forgotten but not to be ignored. People who are eager to change are determined to change the pattern, and correct the wrong. Handling the sinner based on his or her behavior in the past will not help the sinner get back to the right track, but only “encourage” the sinner to be a sinner again!

What one thinks of oneself is always affected by how others think of him or her.
If A thinks B is good, then B will act and behave good in order not to disappoint B and most importantly A himself or herself. If A thinks B is bad, B will still try to behave good for a while, but if B is continued to be seen as a sinner, then B will sooner or later lose the motivation to keep doing good. B is perceived as a problem anyway, why still try to be good? Nobody appreciates B’s efforts. Every good intention is simply seen as bad. Nobody is simply willing to support B to turn over a new leaf. Without support, B is alone. Loneliness has no communication. When there is no communication, B is isolated. At the end of the day, it is simply a dead end. B is forever bad with definitely no hope of being good again. Everyone creates a sinner again.

It is B who ruins himself or herself in the first place by wronging the right, and B has to take full responsibility for his or her actions. B simply has to bear the consequences.

When everyone is willing to give him or her a second chance and accept his or her again, why then everyone kills B again by giving false hope that he or she can be a brand new person?

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Louis Pan said...

It is about the "Psychological Fear"...

Unless the sinner have a big change, or do a big thing for showing the change... this is the best way to surprise everyone and to re-build the "Trust".