06 February 2007

HELP!!! Beta

"Help me... help you. Help me, help you." Jerry Maguire

Nobody can help anybody. At the end of the day, it is all self-help.

People love themselves. There is nothing wrong. It is not selfish, but just another ugly human nature. When things go wrong, they immediately find someone to blame. Once the scapegoat is identified, they rest their case, and continue to have fun and make never-ending mistakes. The cycle simply goes round and round, with no intention of ending the pain for others. It is unfair, but ridiculously enough, from the perspective of those who only love themselves, everything bad is good for the scapegoat! Everything bad is good for others!? Really? Is everything bad good for themselves then? If not, then why everything bad is good for others?

Are there any other more unreasonable excuses to treat others bad? HELP!

Nobody likes to bear any responsibility, and take the initiative to correct anything even if something is wrong. Everybody just wants to have fun. It is better to stay in wait-and-see mode than take risk and suffer. Help!? Forget about it.

However, people are too naive to believe that someone will help when they shout for help. Fact is, who really cares? It is not their problem. Even if it is their problem, they will either direct the problem to others, or blame others for giving them the problem. They are simply blind! Besides, they are too busy for nothing. They have to have fun! After all, what is the consequence of not offering help? They are not going to be punished anyway, and those who seek help will sooner or later heal themselves. Help!? Forget about it.

Help me... help you...?

Help me... help me instead!

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