19 April 2007


WIIFM stands for "What's In It For Me."

That is the one question everyone needs to answer in order to successfully deliver positive touchpoint experience. Nobody will proceed with anything if that something offers nothing to anyone. This is a simple fact, but almost everyone ignores. Everyone is too busy figuring out what-is-in-it-for-me instead of answering others' WIIFM. Win-win is the best solution, but the first win is win for oneself, then the second win is win for others. Nobody is willing to do anything if he or she has no benefits in the first place. That is the rule - I win first, then you win.

If people have the WIIFM mindset, so that the deliverables produced can answer WIIFM, then the deliverables will provide positive touchpoint experience. Else, they either deliver neutral or negative experience, which won't result in win-win outcome.

Salespeople usually sell for themselves. They have long forgotten that people like to buy, but don't like to be sold. Buying is actually a questioning process initiated by the buyer, whereas selling is a talking skill used by the seller. If buyer does not have the need to buy, no matter what the seller says, the buyer still won't buy. If the buyer has the need to buy, even if the seller does not know how to sell, it will still result in win-win outcome.

That's why managing the sales cycle is meaningless, but managing the buying cycle is meaningful. Although it won't guarantee success, it at least is the right direction.

How to answer WIIFM? Is there a winning formula? Try WCIDFY!

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