21 April 2007

Cheese Beta

"The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese." Jon Hammond

It is not always good to be the first. Wanting to be the first is the right attitude, but being there sometimes is not a good idea. Being there enjoys nothing but fame and only fame. Fame, in return, poses an unseen danger to those being high up above all in achievement. Everyone sees the first as his or her only enemy, and will do everything to surpass anyone ahead of himself or herself, so he or she will be the first instead. Conflicts arise between the first and the rest. The root of conflict is comparison. When everything is equal, comparison is impossible, and conflict won't exist.

However, winning brings praise, and praise brings laughter, and laughter brings happiness. Nobody wants tears on the pillow.

There are two types of smile. One is from the heart, and the other is from the head.

Cheese is related to fake smile, or smile from the head. When cheese is said, the cheeks tend to lift, the corners of the mouth tend to turn up, and the teeth tend to show. It is a smile put on the face! True smile does not require the use of "cheese!" It is laughing from the heart caused by a laughing heart.

People always look better when smiling. Cheese at least forces the face into a smile. Cheese also gives consistency, as everyone in the group will smile at the same time when taking photos.

Smile... smile... smile...

Say "cheese!"

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