13 April 2007

Cold War Beta

"The Cold War is over but Cold War thinking survives." Joseph Rotblat

War is an actual, intentional and widespread armed conflict between political communities. In diplomatic terms, there are three types of war.

Hot War is about actual warfare. All talks have failed and the armies are fighting.

Warm War is where talks are still going on, and there would always be a chance of a peaceful outcome. However, armies are being fully mobilised, and war plans are being put into operation ready for the command to fight.

Cold War is when both sides are afraid of fighting each other directly. Instead, they fight each other indirectly. They support conflicts in different parts of the world. They use words as weapons. They threaten and denounce each other. They try to make each other look foolish.

War brings peace eventually. War itself is definitely negative touchpoint experience, but the aftermath of war is positive touchpoint experience. Everything is given the opportunity to start from scratch again. Both parties learn from mistakes, and strive to do better in the future.

In individual terms, cold war happens between family members, friends, and especially lovers. Hot war is unusual, and warm war is rare.

Cold war hurts personal relationships permanently. People are not like countries. Once they are hurt, it becomes difficult for them to start all over again. It is not about forgive and forget. It is about an emotional scar.

The heart is like a mirror, once broken it can never be mended to be the way it was before. Even after it is mended, the crack is still visible. A broken heart cannot be ever made anew...

War is never the answer, for only love can conquer hate.


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