27 April 2007

Impossible? Beta

"Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything." George Bernard Shaw

Everything is possible, so nothing is impossible.

Everything is possible when people stop giving themselves excuses. People have to buy in before they can sell to others. If they do not believe themselves in anything, how can they convince others to believe? When there is no alignment, right things won't get done right. Even if they are forced to get things done, there is no passion. Without passion, possible becomes impossible. Excuses are the biggest obstacles in making impossible possible. Excuses are negative self-talk.

Everything is impossible when the word impossible is in the dictionary. Impossible is possible because there is possible. It is about relativity. Every coin has two sides. Each side is neither possible nor impossible. It is simply neutral. If one side of the coin is possible, then the flip side of the coin is usually impossible. However, every coin is still a coin.

When tossing a coin, what is the possibility that the coin will land on its circumferential edge? Is that impossible?

Just try. Try harder. That's all people need to do to make impossible nothing. It is always easy to make something impossible, but it is easier to say no to impossible by just doing it.

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