18 August 2006


"Quit now, you'll never make it. If you disregard this advice, you'll be halfway there." David Zucker

It's time for me to call it quits. 205 blogs since 24 October 2004. Does that mean anything to anyone? I don't think so. Touchpoint eXperience Management is nothing after all these years of development. But why TXM cannot even be something if CRM, ERP, SCM, and BI can almost be everything?

I'll take a long rest now, and end with an email from St James' Settlement (SJS). To learn more about SJS, please visit http://www.sjs.org.hk/

RE: Thank-You Note - St. James' Settlement

Dear Alfred

Thank you very much for your encouragement. I appreciate much. Below is my reply. Thank you very much.

Best Regards

Daryl Choy

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Subject: RE: Thank-You Note - St. James' Settlement
Date: Mon, 6 Feb 2006 11:34:11 +0800

Dear Daryl,

Many great thinkers using their whole life to create only one fundamental concept, like a little tree growing in an fast growth forest. You should be the little tree while the root is not deep enough and the structure is not complete to compete with others. If you want it a weapon to earn a living, you do not have the backup in the acadamic and commerial world.

Daryl Choy: I agree, and I'm working hard to strengthen my connections in both worlds. I just joined PCCW as a Training Consultant, and I have partnered with a local software company in Hong Kong to co-develop the application. As said, I always want support from others to help develop the concept together, but Hongkongers are definitely too realistic and not innovative.

Are you sure touch point is a great theory in your life?

Daryl Choy: Yes, Alfred. I've been working on it alone for 5 years now. As I see it, touchpoint is the root of everything; and when touchpoint is quantified, it becomes manageable because what gets measured gets managed.

I do believe it is a great point to help. However, I do believe they have many grey area or weakness.

Daryl Choy: Alfred, are you interested to co-develop this concept with me? You have been in the industry for a long time, and with your support and guidance, I strongly believe that the TXM concept will be more solid and marketable.

How to make it applicable to the serious problem is their market value, especially where you have to make the tree grow.

Daryl Choy: This is very unfair indeed. Look at CRM. Is it useful, effective, or even innovative? Is managing the customer relationship really something new? I don't think so. But what is the impact of CRM on the business world? Everyone thinks it is the solution. Why is that? Just because it is from the West!?

Hong Kong is not a good area to develop the idea. We just follow the main trend of the western great thinking.

Daryl Choy: I agree with you again, Alfred. Basically, we follow whatever comes from the Western world, even if it is not great at all. Why?

How many great thinkers in the consultancy world in Hong Kong have their own theory? How you can create a market for your theory?

Daryl Choy: As said, Hongkongers are not creative, and we are not trained to be creative. We are mostly copycat. I'll try to promote my idea through publication and website.

I agree with you that without name or wings,the bird will not fly. Then find the shortest route to earn the name, your effort will not be wasted. Hope you can get the success you wish. John is a man in the market who in charge the buy and sell and have good sense of the existing market. His question are touch and I think you have to spend time to re-consider it.

Daryl Choy: Thank you, Alfred. Look forward to hearing from you soon. Take care.


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Kelvin said...

"Quit, never guit, winners don't quit."
- Sir Winston Churchill