02 August 2006


What is a queue? It's a long line of people standing one behind the other waiting for something.

Chinese are bad at queueing up. They simply don't have the concept nor patience to wait for basically anything. They show no respect for others but just care for themselves. They may not even understand why they have to wait for the things they want. They want everything fast. Everything has to be made available when it is requested. No allowance or buffer is given. Every request is under tight deadline and severe time constraint. Chinese are not ashamed of such selfishness. Instead, they are proud of winning, even unethically. After all, people only care about short-term gain but not long-term. People are often short-sighted.

To the Chinese, losers are those who don't have the ability to occupy themselves the first position in the queue and let go of obvious opportunity. True. There's nothing wrong to grap every opportunity, particularly an opportunity is rare nowadays. However, nobody can ever guarantee that by being first in the queue will bring success.

Do first-movers always have all the advantages? Not necessarily. It's not a must.

People who don't have the habit of queueing up definitely deliver negative touchpoint experience to others. People who queue in the wrong line without knowing, but are later informed by the one behind when the line is moving, and are further requested to queue up again receive negative touchpoint experience.

Queueing is all about people touchpoint experience.

Queueing is similar to fishing. Positive fishing experience requires patience. Skills of course count! Queueing is not an enjoyable experience. One sees the destination, but still has to wait to reach it. Drilling on an unhappy issues won't bring happiness. Patience helps. Instead of asking why the wait, it brings peace of mind by shifting the focus to paying attention to things around.

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