08 August 2006


"Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better." Samuel Beckett

Italy has won the 2006 World Cup. It's definitely a great news to those who for years stay loyal to and haven't yet lost faith in Italy. What's more exciting than a dream finally come true?

Italy last tasted the happiness for the championship on World Cup 24 years ago. During the years, the best result for Italy was second, in 1994.

Once won, it's really difficult to accept failure and the inability not to win again. Fact is, winners are more difficult to accept
failure than those who don't even understand what competition is all about. They just resist to lose.

The experience of winning is so great that people who have won before always want to win again. They simply see the next winning as a challenge. They never stop challenging themselves until nobody dares to challenge them. They prove their existence value by winning. If they fail the first challenge, they'll work harder to make sure that they'll beat the competition the next time. If they still fail the second time, they'll keep on trying. But what if they forever fail without any chance of winning again, should they still persist?

While winning strengthens confidence, losing destroys. It requires enormous courage and confidence not to give up, then stand up, and to believe in their own belief.

Although Italy may not be everyone's favorite, its attitude to win is worth learning. Anything can change in two decades.

ITALY also stands for I Truly Always Love You.

How great if the love one has for the other is true and lasting? However, true love is rare nowadays, and break-up is not uncommon in every relationship. The divorce rate in Hong Kong is climbing, so is elsewhere in the world, particularly US.

Freedom to choose results in negative experience in the end. Love is blind anyway, so why not go back to basics, and try blind date?

Italy, ITALY.

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Drason said...

"They prove their existence value by winning". Indeed, winning means winning the heart of the one you love.
There are billions of people in this world and you may only be a passer-by in this colorful planet. However, when in a romance, you will have someone who stands by your side forever and be the PROOF of your existence-by being the witness of your life...

Ma Chun Wing, Venus