31 August 2006

Give Up?

There are times when people work very hard but get nothing in return. Nothing goes wrong throughout the process, and touchpoint experience is consistently positive. What then is the problem? Doesn't positive touchpoint experience ensure positive result?

Xun Zi says there are three critical success factors: heaven (right time), earth (right place), and human (right people). "If you gain timeliness from heaven, favorable geographical position on earth, and the support of people, the source of revenue could gush out like spring water, could be running high like river and sea, and the property could enhance like mountains. If you lose timeliness from the top, favorable geographical position from the bottom and the support of people from the middle, people must be subjected to all kinds of sufferings like burns and scorches."

However, great result does not come even when heaven offers opportunity, earth supplies resources, and people working together in harmony.

That's life, and it's unfair. Nobody's at fault for not delivering result. Everything rolls out according to plan, but it just doesn't work out. Although it s a disaster when there is no payoff after tremendous efforts have been made, it happens all the time. One could keep mourning forever, but it won't change anything.

If people consistently delivering positive touchpoint experience do not get the appreciation they deserve, why keep trying to please others? It just isn't rational and mimimizes return on investment (ROI). Giving up seems to be the obvious choice.

But, please adopt a wait-and-see attitude. Focus not on the short run but the long run. Save the best for last. Efforts will ultimately pay off.

May the best of your past be the worst of your future!

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