08 October 2006


"Seeing the BMW may make you feel unhappy, but, psychological studies show, obtaining the BMW would not make you happy! Envy and dissatisfaction come from lacking what others possess, but coming into possession of those things does not confer happiness." Gregg Easterbrook

BMW stands for "big mouth woman", a person who can't keep any secret. But why women? Men don't gossip? Men are good at keeping secrets? If not, then why not BMM, but BMW? Is this term created by some male chauvinist pigs, who like to discriminate against women?

There are many other funny words, such as STOP meaning "Same Time Old Place", VSOP for "Very Stupid Old Potato", and MBA "Married But Available".

Except for STOP, BMW and VSOP are negative. MBA is ethically incorrect.

What is wrong with potato? Why is potato old and stupid? Because of its shape and surface? It is not a sin to look ugly, but it is a sin to judge. Nobody is qualified to judge others. Moreover, there is no relationship between ugly and intelligence. Why potato, but not tomato?

MBA is a status. However, having an MBA doesn't necessarily provide the shortcut to rich and famous. Originally an MBA is a must-have to those who want to climb up the corporate ladder, but now who wants an MBA if it means an animal engaging actively in sexual activities? It may still be a nice-to-have for those who can afford the time and money.


Chill out... nothing personal.

People use these terms only to help people relate and therefore remember.

When BMW is used, everyone can relate it to "the ultimate driving machine". But BMM? Nobody can associate BMM to anything. Instead of requiring people to memorize one more irrelevant thing, one has to make irrelevant relevant, especially when everyone has limited RAM, or Random Assess Memory. Association helps make irrelevant relevant.

Nickname is also about association. As long as the nickname contains no personal detriment and has special meaning, it breaks the ice faster, and fosters positive touchpoint experience.

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Anson said...

Dear Martin,
Quite impressive on your writing and training, which inspired me! In fact, I would like to read more from u, wonder why there is only one blog in Oct 06?