22 October 2006


"Uncertainty and mystery are energies of life. Don't let them scare you unduly, for they keep boredom at bay and spark creativity." R I Fitzhenry

Everyone wants to remove the fear of uncertainty from the future. Regrettably, unknown is part of life. Perhaps x is the most used alphabet to represent the unknown.

Everyone would rather remember positive things than negative, because the good old memories are always happier. Life already has more downs than ups. Positive memories can give hope that tomorrow will be better, and serve as a balance.

Negative will reinforce negative, and push everything to negative further. When the limit is reached, and point of return is impossible, everything becomes irrelevant to everyone, because nobody likes to get involved with negativity. It is therefore important to turn every negative into positive, and stay positive.

Without negativity, the concept of positive does not exist. Everything is relative. Because there is black, there is white. Because there is right, there is wrong. Because there is certainty, there is uncertainty.

Fear uncertainty not, as nothing is certain. Everyone fears death, and death is unavoidable. Nobody can escape from it. It is just another certainty. Certainty plus uncertainty equals everything. If everyone fears everything, nobody is brave enough to do anything, and everything ultimately results in nothing.

Instead of worrying about uncertainty, try to enjoy uncertainty. Forget about prediction. It is just another waste of time. Nothing is predictable. The ability to manage adversity positively is all.

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