15 October 2006

Bye Beta

"When great love is rejected, something inside a man dies. So all he can do is run away, where he can meet the girl he'll love second most... unless... unless you can get to him before he closes the book on you. But once it's closed, it's closed. It's finished. It's gone, dead. It's crushed. It's beaten. It's buried. It is lost for all of time in a sea..." Cathy in Win a Date with Tad Hamilton

Change is the only constant. Nobody has control over anything, and nothing is certain but death, taxes and holidays. When something has changed, it is no longer the same, and impossible to return to square one. Let bygones be bygones, and start everything from scratch pretending that nothing has ever happened? Is that possible, even though impossible is nothing?

History is memory. Unless the person is suffered from permanent loss of memory, every little change has more or less some impact. Not only the bygones will not be forgotten, but the possibility of building the yet-to-come is very limited.

It is difficult to say bye to almost everything, particularly positive deliverables. However, everything goes through the same up and down pattern, just like the product life cycle. Lucky are those who do not have to repeat the pattern frequently. Positive deliverables, if not properly maintained, will eventually turn into negative deliverables.

People just do not let go. They cling on to the positive deliverables till the end, even when they have actually become rotten. They have difficulties realizing that what they once have is not the same.


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