31 October 2006

Black Magic Beta

"Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen." Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

A is apple, B is banana, C is coconut, what is D? (Answer will be given later.)

Black is not white, but it usually represents bad luck. It is just a color. Why is there relationship between luck and color?

Is it because the pronunciation of black is similar to bad, so everyone associates black with bad? Or because black is the color of the night, and night is related to rest, and rest is somewhat related to death, so black is the symbol of angel of death?

Nobody knows for sure, and who cares? When the majority refers black to bad luck, then the only option for the rest is to follow suit in order not to be isolated. Going with the main stream is the survival of the smartest.

Magic is either about making something out of nothing, or turning everything into nothing. Magic creates surprises by not meeting expectations.

What is black magic?

It is just a name. Everything has to have an identity.

Now close your eyes and image, under a grey sky, with a blue mood, drinking a cup of black coffee...

(D could be anything as long as the answer starts with "D is...")


Ronald \(^_^)/ said...

Through this game and our conversation, I can see your VALUE is exactly opposite to my VALUE, just like the north and south pole on the magnet. We treat ppl differently, we deal with things differently. Great to "No" you! But you are a "MAR FAN" Guy, HaHa!

P.S. Repect Magic, Don't tell the truth! Ha Ha!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your experience