04 November 2006

Happy Birthday

"I binge when I'm happy. When everything is going really well, every day is like I'm at a birthday party." Kirstie Alley

Everyone has a birthday, and everyone has only one birthday. The birthday is unique. Because it is so unique and it is "owned" by the person, the birthday person expects something special on his or her birthday. If nothing happens on birthday, the birthday person may get upset because of expectation.

Birthday is usually celebrated with gifts and surprises. Birthday is about happiness. No matter how unhappy the person is, he or she has to be happy if the day is birthday. It is simply not right to have sadness on birthday. It is against the norm.

However, if birthday is really about happiness, then every day is birthday when every second is filled with joy. If continuous efforts are required to create happiness, then it is not true happiness. It is only about return on investment. True happiness is a natural state, and definitely not artificial.

Happy birthday is only an excuse to do something special. But why anyone needs this excuse? Follow heart, and just do it!

Nobody is going to be truly happy if the happiness relies on something external, like a job, a spouse, or money. True happiness comes from within.

Happy birthday!

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