19 November 2006

Music Beta

"There is no noise, only sound." John Cage

A song consists of two major elements: melody and lyrics. People are easily attracted to good melody, but may not pay much attention to lyrics quality.

Melody is just like words. As long as one knows the 26 alphabets, one can create any words using any combination. Be creative, and think out of the box. They don't have to make sense. Play with the notes, and anyone can then be a composer.

But lyrics, it's trying to make sense out of nothing. Each word has to form rthyme with the melody. The deliverable is produced within limitation, or a defined framework.

Lyrics is more difficult to create than melody.

Melody is like outer beauty, and lyrics inner beauty.

One may love a song because of its melody. There is "love at first sight", so there has to be "love at first sound."

One can have three types of feelings towards a song: positive, neutral, and negative. It is a very subjective feeling. Nobody can force anyone to love a song. Great songs have the ability to
touch people's heart. Bad songs simply create noise!

Noise is sound when the melody is relevant. Some people like Jazz but don't like Rock. To them, rock is noise. Some people like R&B but not folk, folk to them is noise. It's all about relevance.

However, relevance won't lead to compromise and deliver positive results. Relevance is the A in the AIDA model, or Attention, Interest, Desire and Action.

Relevance definitely helps attract attention, and may also help arouse interest, but it may not be able to stimulate desire and prompt action.

Desire is an emotion. Nobody can force anyone to do anything the person isn't willing to do. Sometimes logic just won't do. Social pressure may help, but people with strong ego won't be affected.

Action is taken under two situations: impulse and calculated.

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