17 September 2006

Survival of the Fittest Beta

"Though nature grants vast periods of time for the work of natural selection, she does not grant an indefinite period; for as all organic beings are striving, it may be said, to seize on each place in the economy of nature, if any one species does not become modified and improved in a corresponding degree with its competitors, it will soon be exterminated." Charles Darwin

What is the key message of "survival of the fittest"?

Everyone should make oneself relevant and others irrelevant, although being relevant won't necessarily get anyone anywhere.

There are two types of relevance: true and false. True relevance is about things relevant to one naturally, such as kinship and personal needs. False relevance is about creating relevance in order to survive, such as working relationship in an internal organization.

In true relevance, it is difficult to make relevant irrelevant, but it's possible to make irrelevant relevant. Once the bond is formed, it becomes part of everyone's everything. Nobody can break the linkage,

In false relevance, it's all about tangible value, or return on investment (ROI), and intangible value, or experience. Experience is also a kind of ROI. The better the experience, the higher the ROI. Positive ROI and experience are therefore the keys to make irrelevant relevant.

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