11 September 2006

911 - Beta

"The attack of 9/11 was just a bigger and more effective terrorist attack. For a century and more, we have withstood such murderers on trains, in terminals, on aircraft, in federal buildings, even in the halls of Congress, without cowering." Nick Clooney

911 is the number to report an emergency in the United States.

911 is a sports car made by Porsche.

911 is the terrorist attack on America on 11 September 2001.

911 is anything as long as it means something to anyone.

Different person has different definition of 911. People with same definition will group together because of shared values. People with different definition will have difficulties linking together because they have no common language. Even if they are forced to put in the same group, sooner or later this will result in negative touchpoint experience.

If the person is willing, then he or she will just do everything no matter how difficult it is. If not willing, he or she will not do anything even if it is as easy as ABC.

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