06 September 2006

Good Morning

“Good morning is a contradiction of terms.” Jim Davis

One should be thankful if one can get up the next day. If one passes away during sleep, one should be more thankful because he or she needs not go through any painful process. Usually, death is painful.

People take everything for granted, and think death won't happen during sleep. According to The Lancet, the leading causes of death worldwide in 2001 were heart disease and stroke. Sleep during death? This is uncommon and rare, so it won't happen to those who lead a healthy life. However, nobody can predict life, but everyone knows for sure that the angel of death will come. The question is how and when? That's the unknown.

It is indeed a blessing that one can get up after a good night's sleep.

If it's been a long time saying good morning to others, light up everyone's day by saying good morning today.

It's positive touchpoint experience.

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