09 September 2006

I Love You... Beta

"Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted." Albert Einstein

Love is nothing if return is required. Any activity whose ultimate objective is to get a return is only a business. Marrying up is therefore marrying an investment.

Love is patience, but it won't last long. If the probation is 3 months, then the cover-up will be uncovered once the relationship is stable, and break up is unlikely. This usually can be achieved within the probation period. After probation, everything is a different story.

Every relationship starts off with a mask. The cover-up is basically used to maintain the first positive touchpoint experience, or impression. It is difficult to break the ice, and it is more difficult to further build positive impression. If both are achieved, it is "well begun, half done." Everyone who has the first half done will do everything to ensure the remaining half will also get done. Otherwise, effort spent earlier is simply wasted. Reputation/branding is hard to build, but easy to break. Although nothing is indispensable, breaking up is hard to do when the relationship is solid.

Untrue love is all about selling. In fact, almost everything comes down to selling.

Although Peter Drucker says "the aim of marketing is to make selling superfluous", the objective of marketing is also to make something people want to buy, or something an enterprise can sell. Marketing is about selling. It is then unfair to demote sales and promote marketing. Nobody cares if it is sales or marketing effort to get the product moving as long as it is moving.

Everyone should love everyone else. I love you. You are everything, from bottom to up, from side to side, from top to down.

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