02 January 2008


"What do you mean, "No I won't?" Don't presume to tell me what I will and will not do, you don't know me!" Rose in Titanic

WIIFM is an acronym for "What's in it for me?" It is a must-ask question when delivering touchpoint experience to others.

Why WIIFM, but not WIIFY, where Y stands for You? What is the problem of asking WIIFY? Isn't it important to put oneself in other's shoes? Isn't YOU the magic word?

When someone asks WIIFY, it is not from others' perspective. The person asking WIIFY is already making the assumption what others want, and persuading others to accept what he/she has to offer based on the inaccurate assumption. Without truly understanding what others really want, the touchpoint experience delivered cannot be positive.

The You in WIIFY is not really the others, but the person him/herself. The person has to be in other's shoes completely in order to be him or her. When the person becomes others, answering WIIFM correctly will deliver positive touchpoint experience.

The first part of WIIFM was written on 19 April 2007, and is available at WIIFM I.

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