15 January 2007

Ring Beta

"A diamond is forever." De Beers

If marriage is a commitment between two persons, why does it always have to involve almost everyone around? Why in particular almost every marriage has to have a wedding party? There are many ways to share happiness, but people usually pick the most expensive way.

Wedding party is not cost effective. Everyone invited has to contribute time and money. What is the return of participation? Happiness? Networking? Nay! Who needs a wedding party to find happiness and expand social network?

If unfortunately the marriage does not work out, which is very common nowadays, the wedding party would become a memory, if positively, but a joke, if negatively.

Nobody wants or dares to recall the scenes.

Wedding party won't bring happiness. It may only be an excuse for strangers to meet strangers, yet creating more opportunities for "easy come easy go" marriage.

Nobody can buy happiness. If it can be bought, it is not happiness. Happiness cannot be built on money. Money can buy sex but not love. Money can buy house but not home. Money can buy ability but not loyalty. It is more wrong to invite others to join the wedding party and expect them to contribute. It is just like cultivating happiness at the expense of others. Is this fair?

Marriage is about love. If it is true love, who cares if the ring is made of gold with diamond.

How deep is one's love is not judged by the size of diamond, but the willingness to give up oneself for the better half. The size of diamond is only used to show off!

Nobody has difficulties to stick together when everything goes well, but almost everyone lets go during adversity.

Diamond size is measured by its weight in carats. One carat equals 0.2 grams. But the willingness to sacrifice... is unquantifiable. It is all coming from the heart, but not from the head.

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