25 January 2007

Ignorance Beta

"It is better to know some of the questions than all of the answers." James Thurber

Nobody likes to be ignored.

Everyone wants to know everything.

Negative touchpoint experience arises because of the need to know everything. Why everyone wants the truth? What are the costs and benefits of knowing the truth? Without knowing the truth, people will still get things done. Without knowing everything, life still goes on. Why everything? Why not nothing?

People who always want to know everything live a difficult life. They simply won't give up until they are satisfied. They try everything to know everything. Trying is a tiring process, and also requires a lot of efforts. Once efforts are spent, returns are expected. What are the expected returns? Everything! But how could everything be rewarded given that efforts spent are only efforts spent? To know everything is obviously impossible. The want to know everything will only drive people crazy.

Settle for less, for less is always more. More not in terms of the things perceived, but more in terms of peace of mind.

With peace, everything is filled with positive touchpoint experience.

Stay ignorant. Stay blissful.

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