11 August 2010

There is no such thing as a GOOD/BAD manager

We consider people to be good or bad based on our own observations and experience of life. Think of the best managers you have ever known or worked for. Describe in details the reasons you have identified him or her as such and what s/he had done that was good/bad?

It is simple and naive to remain in our own comfort zone, and judge "who" is good or bad.

To err is human. Instead of "thinking inside the box," it is more effective in terms of people development perspective to "think outside the box."

"What is his/her reason behind such decision? How did it affect the results?" It is more productive to focus on the "WHAT" and "HOW" instead of "WHO." It is also unfair to put the blame on one person when things go wrong especially in a world where collaboration counts.

People management is both an art and science, because people are both emotional and rational. The regrettable and inevitable fact that the chemistry between two persons is not good does not imply that either one party is good or bad.

The business maxim that "All customers are not created equal" can also apply to the management world. It is important to realize and acknowledge that everyone is different, and that individual difference is just a fact of life. Instead of forming unnecessary bais against individual who does not "think, act, behave" alike, it is going to be more rewarding to foster a harmonious work environment by appreciating individual difference.

It is time to kill "pride, ego and arroggance." As Peter Drucker says, "Results are obtained by exploiting opportunities, not solving problems."

Focus on "WHAT" and "HOW," and it will deliver the 1+1=3 impact in the long run.

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