15 May 2010

Tweets of Jan 2010

2010-01-30 11:58:26
@Choypw [GrahamHill] Twitter is the perfect tool for me to keep in touch. Facebook is bogged down in SocMed junk from push marketers!

2010-01-30 09:01:49
doesn't get it. Do people interact in Twitter? If not, then what's it for? Just to share own thinking? Does anyone care?

2010-01-30 08:59:26
@GrahamHill Long time no see Graham. I'm new to Twitter. It seems cool. But why Twitter when there is Facebook?

2010-01-30 08:54:00
also wants to know the WIIFM of using Twitter.

2010-01-30 08:53:02
is trying to understand why Twitter isn't hot in HK and China yet...

2010-01-30 03:41:14
LOL: I think Guy invented a new acronym here with "BMFFL": http://tinyurl.com/yagu8jt (@guykawasaki @alltop)

2010-01-30 02:40:07
Six Ways to Find Social Media Talent http://bit.ly/cm7G56

2010-01-29 18:12:10
Can anyone tell me the difference between FB and TT?

2010-01-29 04:25:20
Addressing a Customer Pain Point as the Basis for a New Business: http://bit.ly/cpfGCS

2010-01-28 23:07:11
What Sets a Brand Apart from Any Other: The Crayola Song http://post.ly/L4I2

2010-01-28 20:48:52
RT @nextactioncoach: Social Media Marketing: How Pepsi Got It Right http://bit.ly/cDoJTd

2010-01-20 16:25:17
is still figuring out how to tweet... anybody help!?

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