10 February 2010

Experience with Michael Page

Michael Page: Dear Daryl

Experience: Surprisingly, they know your name. Hope it's not another basic function of some email software available everywhere on the street.

Michael Page: Thank you for your interest in the position we recently advertised H473XXX and for your application.

Experience: Oh yes. Thank you for appreciating the efforts. Where is the marketing job?

Michael Page: After careful consideration, I am sorry to advise that your application has not been successful on this occasion. We received a number of applications and many of these demonstrated the specific experience we were seeking for this role.

Experience: Sorry doesn't mean anything... Aha! Everything is simply and only being judged by the resume. How do you screen resume? Using another software? Or simply look at the design and layout of the resume? Or just try to look for big company names in the resume? Do you go through each and every single resume line by line? Aren't you paid to do so? What's your successful job placement rate? Do you care if your so-called right candidate you selected for your client performs or not?

Michael Page: Please do not hesitate to contact us in the future if we advertise a position that is of interest to you. Thank you for your application and may we take this opportunity to wish you well in your future career.

Experience: What's the recruiter's job? Aren't you supposed to source and find the "right" candidate for your client? Now that you have the resume, shouldn't you keep it in the database, and contact the candidate when you find a perfect job for the candidate? Oh yes! Candidates are your products. Companies are your clients. You should care a lot about your clients than your products. Where is Jerry Maguire?

Michael Page: Yours Sincerely,

Michael Page: © Michael Page International.

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