27 March 2008


"The love that lasts the longest is the love that is never returned." William Somerset Maugham

ITALY isn't really just Italy, as it means a lot more.

I - I... who am I? If I am not what I am, do I still deserve to love you? But why do we need to care about who deserves who if love is something from the heart but not from the head? Shouldn't love be about giving without asking anything in return?

T - Truly... is love not always true? What is true? Who defines what is true? Something true isn't necessarily the truth. For example, nobody knows for sure whether Thomas Edison actually tried more than 600 variations of filaments before he successfully produced a light bulb, but the truth is that persistance pays off. If love isn't true, what is it? Why people fall in love if it isn't true? However, who knows what will last when nothing truly lasts?

A - Always... is there never-ending? What is eternity? Why can't it be sometimes? Why can't it be occasional? What is required in order for something to be always? Is 24x7 always? If 24x7 represents always, then where do people find time to do something else? Is always realistic?

L - Love... what is love? Look into Cambridge Dictionaries Online, and there are amazingly many different kinds of interpretation, such as like someone, like something, tennis... so, what kind of love happens between a couple? What is love...?

Y - You... will you be my last one? Or are you just someone passing by? Why are you here? Why do you care about your presence in my life? Who are you exactly? Where are you...?

Before using ITALY, please make sure you've understood the real meaning of every single alphabet.

Don't abuse love.

The first part of ITALY was written on 08 August 2006, and is available at ITALY I.

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