14 March 2008

Someone Beta

"To love someone is nothing, to be loved by someone is something, but to be loved by the one you love is everything." Anonymous

Where is that someone? Is s/he far away, or is s/he nearby? Does distance matter if that someone is always on the mind? Is physical presence more important, or mental? How difficult is it to find that someone? And why would anyone want to find his/her someone? What is the meaning of that someone? What would be affected without that someone? The Sun does not rise in the East? If there is critical success factor in business, is love the critical success factor in life?

Why someone but not a name? Does anyone know who that someone is? Who cares to find out who that someone is? Why that someone wants others to guess? Because s/he doesn't have the courage to let others know who s/he is? But why? What is it that someone has to be afraid of? If that someone is afraid of letting others know, then why did it in the first place? Would it be better not to do it at all? If that someone has decided to do it, then why not let others know that s/he is the person who did it?

However, what's wrong with using someone to address oneself? Isn't that special? Isn't special a great thing that everyone longs for? Nobody can prevent special things from happening, so why not accept someone?

Isn't it romantic to love someone without letting someone know? Isn't love more valuable when someone is being loved without even knowing? But, can love be measured? Should it be measured? If love cannot and shouldn't be measured, then who defines how valuable love can be?

After all, what is love? Who is that someone?

Make little things count by being someone loving someone.

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Anonymous said...

who is your "Someone"?