15 April 2012


Forget jtbd.
jtbd is what.
But who defines what.
Instead of redefining what user needs and wants, it's more important to understand user profile.

Each user has unique profile.
And each user plays different role even at the same point in life.
User A is employee of firm A from 0900 to 1700.
Then he becomes customer from 1700 to 1900.
When he reaches home at 1900, he becomes someone's son, husband, and father.

How many jobs this user A needs to get done?
When he's an employee, son, husband, and father?
What exactly is the meaning of job to user A?
What does user A really care?
Is there one simple ultimate need for user A?

jtbd at the end of the day is just a job.
Job is not result.
Job is just output, not even outcome.
Knowing what to get done is only the first step.
Knowing how to get it done right is what makes the difference.

After all, everyone wants to be happy.
Happiness is achieved by avoiding pain and seeking pleasure.
Give job a break!

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