01 April 2012

Experience Design with A Die

Customer journey is just another lifecycle.
It could start everywhere.
And it could end anywhere.

How long should it be?
Firm would say the longer the better.
A longer lifecycle is usually an indication of loyalty.

But how long could it be?
Fortunately, it's not beyond control.

Roll a die!

A die has 6 faces.
Each face could be anything.
It could be the traditional 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.
It could be add, subtract, multiply, divide, do nothing, and make a difference.

If the result is add, add one touchpoint to the touchline.
If it is subtract, take out one touchpoint from the touchline.
If it's make a difference, then innovate!
So on and so forth.

Although the result may seem random...
It's actually predictably random.
After all, there are only 6 outcomes.
And the probability of getting each outcome is exactly the same.

Should firm design experience based on logical emotion?
Or should firm use the throw of a die to produce a random but predictable experience?

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