17 March 2012

Happy Employee Happy Customer?

“Happy employees won’t necessarily create happy customers! Accountable employees do.”

My recent experience with Apple Store confirms this statement.
That Genius is definitely very happy with how he’s being treated in Apple.
Cool employer brand. Cool benefits and perks. Cool status!
But he is so happy that he forgets to align his own personal value with Apple’s brand promise.
So when he comes to interact with customer...
He treats every customer as his customer, but not Apple’s!
And that’s a serious problem!
I am Apple’s fan, not his!

He’s happy; I am definitely not.
But one thing for sure...
He won’t stay happy forever…
I filed complaints against that Genius.
And his manager called me several times to apologize.
I believe that Genius will be sorry for being too happy.

Happy employee only means that employee is happy.
It does not mean that the happy employee will perform.
There is still chance that happy employee will upset customer.
Happy customer is NOT a product of happy employee.
Instead, happy employee is only one of the many ways to create happy customer.

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