11 July 2010

Silence Beta

People do not care about the noise they made, do they?  They do not care whether others would have peace of mind, as long as they themselves have moment of pleasure.  When will they understand that silence is a public good, not a private good?

Everything is relative, but it doesn't mean that nothing is absolute. When the noise is disturbing to one person, then it is disturbing.  What's worse, the chain reaction will then be automatically activated.  People surrounding the victim will also get annoyed because of the never-ending complaints fired off from that victim.  When it reaches the tipping point, everyone is eventually affected.  It is selfish and unfair to expect the person to enjoy the noise together with the noise creator.

The opposite of love is not hate but indifferent. The opposite of noise is not silent but tragedy!

How precious is it nowadays to listen to silence?

Isn't it better off to be deaf?

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