03 May 2009


This is a letter I received on 23 April from Manulife. Obviously, this is just another junk letter. However, should a company that positions itself as a professional service provider do junk mail?

Manulife: Apr 23, 2009

Dear Manulife Customer,

Experience: They don't even know my name!?

Manulife: Change of Manulife Advisor/MPF Intermediary

Experience: So what is it exactly? Manulife Advisor? Or MPF Intermediary? Gee!!!

Manulife: Policy(ies)/Account(s): 0xx0x0xx-2xx3x6

We would like to advise you that WONG XX XXX, XXXX, who has been serving your policy(ies) or account(s) is no longer registered with our Company. To ensure the continuity of our professional service to you as our valued customer, we have assigned one of our experienced Manulife Advisors/MPF Intermediaries* to serve you:

Name of new Manulife Advisor/MPF Intermediary: MAK SAU XXXX, XXXXXXX
Contact Number: 9XXX XX6X

Experience: I never know that there is this WONG something! And who's this MAK again!? Experienced?! How do I know!?

Manulife: Please be aware that it may not be in your best interest to surrender your policy early or switch your policy to a new one. If you are approached at any time in this regard, please contact Manulife for further follow up.

Experience: Holy! Should I contact Manulfie, or that MAK!???

Manulife: We are confident that you will continue to receive quality service from Manulife and thank you for choosing Manulife to meet your financial needs.

Experience: As far as I could remember, I have never received any quality service from Manulife.

Manulife: If you have any enquiries regarding your policy(ies) or account(s), please contact your new Manulife Advisor/MPF Intermediary or our Customer Service Hotline at 2108 1188.

Experience: If there is MAK, then why again this Customer Service Hotline? Does it imply that I should not rely on MAK for the professional service but Customer Service Hotline!?

Manulife: Yours faithfully,

Manulife (International) Ltd.
Customer Services

Experience: I was expecting MAK to write me this letter, but not Customer Services!

Manulife:* If you prefer to be served by a particular Manulife Advisor/MPF Intermediary for your policy(ies) or account(s), we will organize this upon receipt of your written confirmation.

Experience: Forget about it!

Manulife: This is a computer printout. No signature is required.

Experience: Oh so what!? Am I supposed to sign on a junk letter?

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Anonymous said...

Manulife: This is a computer printout. No signature is required.

Experience: Oh so what!? Am I supposed to sign on a junk letter?