21 July 2008

Case Study - HMV

What will happen if there is no music in the world?

Everywhere will be filled with the sound of silence. And silence, implies no communication. Without communication, there is no future. Music is the common language. Turn off the sound of silence. Turn on the sound of music.

Start with lullabies, where they are often sung by parents in calming children, putting them to sleep, or simply spending time with them. Then R&B, Blues, Pop, Rock, and the list goes on and on...

But where to buy the music? Try His Master's Voice, or HMV. The faithful dog and gramophone!

HMV has always sought to offer the widest possible access to music, and to play a pioneering role in the way that music is sold and promoted. There are listening posts with popular CD's loaded into them, and if there is something that the consumer wants to "try before buy," then he or she can ask a member of staff, and the staff will gladly oblige.

Everything is nicely organized. CD's are organized into categories, such as Dance, R&B, Rock, and sometimes subdivided within this. Each section is then organized alphabetically by artist. This minimizes search time, and maximizes shopping experience.

If the record is not in stock, simply ask for the record, and the staff will tap the details into the HMV computer and order in for the consumer. When the record comes in, they will inform the consumer by phone.

It's not just music that HMV sells now. It has expanded to sell more or less every entertainment product that the consumers could think of. HMV is a great place for almost all entertainment needs.

Although it is a tad expensive, the service and range of products provided by HMV is unrivalled.

Convenience is an indispensable ingredient in retail business.

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