28 May 2008

Case Study - GOD

The Almighty God is sinless, but what GOD has been doing, is challenging this notion.

GOD, short for Goods of Desire, is a furniture and furnishings company in Hong Kong. Its Chinese name is "to live a better life", which has similar pronunciation of GOD. It is all about creativity. Out-of-the-box thinking helps GOD capture market attention quickly.

Delay no more - that's a very controversial promotional message used by GOD. In English, "delay no more" means don't procrastinate. The message encourages customers to visit GOD without hesitation. But in Cantonese, it means the f word. Is that a warning GOD wants to give to customers who procrastinate? Nobody really knows. What it really means of course is not defined by GOD, but depends on the perception of the audience who reads the message. It is indeed clever marketing communication.

Besides this compelling promotional tactic, they always use the age-old Hongkong culture as their product's theme. Most people feel nostalgia for the good old days, especially the new generation, who actually is stranger to almost every past events. History always touches people's heart.

They always do something others do not dare do. One of their products is about brothel ad. That's rebel with a cause! By going against the norm, it helps GOD stand out from the crowd. More importantly, their marketing approach becomes talk of the town.

People shopping at GOD are mostly business professionals and yuppies, who have expectations on life and living standard. They won't settle for second best. GOD may not be really the best in town, but at least they position themselves as one of the best.

They now have 5 stores located mainly in CBD areas.

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