08 February 2008

Mont Blanc Beta

"We had to figure out who would sign these invoices for these companies. Nobody actually signed the invoice, so they never got paid." Jessica Lloyd Hales

At the bottom of the Mont Blanc invoice, it reads "Thank You and please come again."

Thank you for the business? Ok. People should thank Mont Blanc for thanking them, at least Mont Blanc knows when to appreciate, although it may not be the most effective "how."

And why come again, even with the please, if they don't have a reason to return to Mont Blanc?

If "Thank You and please come again" does not mean anything to anyone, then it's only neutral information experience.

Please won't work anymore.

What really works?


Anonymous said...

Hi Daryl, a long time reader of your blog, first time commenter. I really enjoy your pragmatic insights on marketing and strategy.

I just noticed you used to be a trainee with John Swire & Sons. How did you enjoy your experience there? Did the program meet your expectations/ give you a good platform to build your career? I am trying to make an informed career choice right now and would appreciate your input.

Many Thanks,

Daryl Choy said...

Hi AK, thank you for reading my blog. I was thinking this morning whether to continue blogging... and here comes your message. You light up my day. :)

Please add me (choy.pw@wisdomboom.com) to your msn, or write me directly at choypw@gmail.com.

Good luck! Talk to you soon.