20 December 2007

How Well Do You Listen?

"The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn't being said." Peter Drucker

Everything is about give and take. Takers cannot take forever without giving, because givers expect return. When takers take things for granted, and have no intention to produce any return, givers will quit. This is true in almost every situation, in particular, sales.

In every sale, salespeople usually talk more and listen less. But, talking is giving, and listening is taking. If people have the tendency to take rather than give, then salespeople should actually listen more and talk less. After all, everyone has two ears and one mouth; everyone should listen twice as much as he/she speaks. It goes against nature that salespeople talk more than they listen.

So, why salespeople have difficulties listening? First, people tend to think faster than they listen. Second, they believe that they are offering values to customers by doing 80% of the talking. However, without a thorough understanding of what the customers want, how is it possible for the salespeople to come up with solutions that cater to their actual needs, emotionally and rationally?

Top salespeople know how to control when and what to talk.

How to crack Drucker’s code? How to hear what isn’t being said?

Learn to listen, the vital and necessary skill for success.

When was the last time you listened, but not heard?

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