21 June 2007

Step Beta

"You don't leap a chasm in 2 bounds." Chinese proverb

The first step to success is to make the first step. Without the first step, nothing will ever happen. Although making the first step doesn't guarantee success, it is at least a start.

The step could be baby step, or quantum leap. Baby step is slow but safe. Quantum leap is fast but risky. Both can lead to success, or failure. But again, it is still about the first step. If there is no first step, there would be no baby step, nor quantum leap. Everything is on hold, and everyone is stuck.

It really does not matter whether the step takes one forward or backward. If it is a step forward, great, efforts made are not wasted. If backward, congratulations, it is a lesson learned.

It is more effective to take small steps during initial stage, then make a large jump at later stage. People are human beings, and have emotions. They resist changes, and always want to remain in their own comfort zone. Baby step introduces changes gradually, almost without anyone's notice. Big jump, however, attracts attention. Resistance is the greatest.

This is like long jump. One builds up speed during the run-up. The faster the speed at the time of the jump, the longer one jumps. Without the run-up, nobody can jump a distance. Even the fastest car in the world, Barabus TKR, cannot go from 0 to 100 km/h in 0 second, but 1.67 seconds.

The first step is the most important. The momentum one create by creating the first baby step will lead to the next and the next and the next. Before one knows it, one will be at the top of that mountain and achieving the goal.

Live life with regrets doing things shouldn't be done instead of with no regrets not doing anything.

Stop giving excuses, and make the move now!

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