06 June 2007

Light Beta

"Am I the light bulb or the light?" Joseph Campbell

Light gives everyone the ability to see things clearly. When the road ahead is easily visible, people are more willing to take a big step forward. Nobody dares make any move if everything is uncertain. Uncertainty is about risk. Risk either forces people to bite the bullet, or hinders progress. After all, no risk, no gain.

Although light improves visibility, and makes execution possible, it does not tell people which direction to go.

Perfect execution at best only produces perfect deliverable. But what is perfect? Who defines perfect? Does something perfect guarantee demand? If not, who cares what that perfect means? Everyone has his or her own definition of perfect. Although execution is important, it is not the most important. So, what is the most important in the success formula? Direction!

Direction means more. Even if execution is not flawless, as long as the direction is right, there is still hope to achieve success at the end of the day. However, if direction leads to failure, perfect execution will not lead to success. Before putting anything into action, it pays to define the direction first.

Direction also helps shape the execution strategy.

Positive touchpoint experience is about perfect execution with right direction.

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