06 December 2006

X in 1 Beta

Nowadays, almost everything comes in a combination of several deliverables, such as mobile-PDA-MP3-Camera, and printer-fax-scanner-copier. This mix-and-match is designed to provide convenience to users, but there is tradeoff. Quality of each function suffers.

One benefit of X-in-one, where X represents the number of deliverables combined, is that everything comes in handy. However, it is like putting all eggs in one basket. If one deliverable is out of order, then the value of the whole deliverable
may drop. In order to minimize negative experience, contingency plan may be required. If backup is needed to maintain positive experience, then why X-in-1 in the first place? Backup increases the total cost of ownership (TCO).

As a matter of fact, everything should be backed up. Backup is about risk management. It ensures continuity, and continuity makes endurance possible. Backup strengthens confidence by shortening recovery time when things go wrong.

If there is backup, eveyone feels more comfortable and secure. However, Backup does not actually minimize risk, because people with contingency plans are more proned to take challenge. Backup promotes risk taking. If plan A fails, then there is always plan B. Although the alternative may not be the best of the best option, it won't be
the worst, and as long as it is not the worst, it is definitely better than nothing.

Which is better? X-in-1, or many different single identities? There is no absolute answer. As long as the deliverables touchpoint experience is positive, it can be a combination of both X-in-1 and many ones.

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