25 February 2011

Want! Need?

There are 2 types of needs: rational and emotional.
Rational is about being good.
Emotional is about feeling good.

So what is must-have and nice-to-have?
Must-have is necessity.
Nice-to-have is luxury.

My must-have is not necessarily your must-have.
And my nice-to-have is not necessarily your nice-to-have.

Take sex and love as an example.
To men, sex is must-have but love is nice-to-have.
To women, sex is nice-to-have but love is must-have.
That's the classic example of how men and women are different.
That also reinforces the notion that "all customers are not the same."

What's the relationship between want and need?
Want is part of need, but which part?
Nice-to-have need is want...
Because nice-to-have is luxury.
Without nice-to-have, the user won't get worse.

What is more important to user?
Need or want?
To rephrase...
Is must-have need more important? Or is nice-to-have need (want) more important?
It depends on the user.

In the case of LV...
It's must-have emotional need to some users.
It's nice-to-have emotional need to others.

To LV...
It's important to create brand experience that turns nice-to-have (want) emotional to must-have emotional.

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