05 March 2010

touchpoint (version 10.3.1)

touchpoint is interaction between 2 or more entities which happens anytime any place by any means for a purpose.

This is a back-to-basics approach where 5w1h is incorporated into the definition.
what: interaction
who: 2 or more entities
when: anytime
where: any place
how: any means
why: a purpose


Anonymous said...

Ms Chan Jo Wai talked about Touchpoint Experience on RTHK I on 14/3... She copied yours???...

Daryl Choy said...

Thank you for the message.

I definitely won't say that Ms Chan Jo Wai is copying anything from me. touchpoint experience is nothing new. However, there are many different definitions for touchpoint AND experience. In order to work out the "how," we need to get the "what" right first; otherwise, we are only going nowhere.

Based on the past 10 years of research, I attempt to go back to basics and define both touchpoint and experience in the simplest form.

Again, thank you for reading my blog, and share with me the latest development of touchpoint experience in Hong Kong. I did talk to both Prof Andrew Chan and Prof Leo Sin years ago about this little concept, and I'm happy that they finally talked about this in their show.