17 November 2007

The Death of Relationship

What gets measured gets managed, but why? If something cannot be measured, then it cannot be managed? And if it cannot be managed, then how are results going to be measured? What about things that cannot be measured but still have to be managed, such as relationship?

Relationship is intangible, and therefore cannot be measured. Can it be managed? CRM says it can. But how? By software? Can something intangible be quantified? What exactly is relationship?

Positive relationship is a result of satisfaction, but satisfaction won't guarantee loyalty. Loyalty comes from consistent positive relationship. The major difference between satisfaction and loyalty is "consistency."

But still, knowing the difference between satisfaction and loyalty won't help any firm manage relationship. So again, what is relationship?

This relationship thing has been the talk of the town in the Western world for many years. In China, relationship has always been important, for many thousand years already. The Chinese has a different terminology for relationship, and it is known as Guanxi. But still, how is relationship measured?

Before trying to find out how relationship can possibly be measured, it is important to understand how relationship is developed.

Relationship is made up of touchpoints. The more the touchpoint, the stronger the relationship. Whether the relationship is positive or not depends on each touchpoint experience.

Managing relationship without managing the touchpoint is not managing relationship. Relationship is no longer the critical success factor.

Relationship is then, touchpoint is now.

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