27 July 2007

Identification Beta

"A complete life may be one ending in so full an identification with the oneself that there is no self left to die." Bernard Berenson

Everyone is unique. Nobody is the same, even among twins. Why does anyone need identification then? Isn't that duplicated effort?

Identification, or ID, is an official document that shows or proves who the person is. But, why does someone need to prove who he or she is? I am what I am. The reason why someone exists is not because of someone else, but everyone lives and acts according to his or her vision. Living someone else's life is a waste of time. I am not what you are.

Sadly, everyone is given a tag, not long after his or her birth. The first ID number is used for many purposes. One of them is to apply for almost everything, except for web-based email account. The second ID number could be the username of an email account. In the new flat world, everyone has at least one ID.

Can the ID number really represent anyone? It is only a combination of the alphabet and numbers. How about words used to describe personality, such as bad-tempered, dull, trustworthy, two-faced, and weird? These adjectives are supposed to describe the person's personality best, aren't they? Why then the ID number, which only provides neutral information about the person? People are after all flesh and blood. Alphabet and numbers deliver only neutral information experience, and definitely won't help build anything positive.

If each ID number represents an identity, then a person with multiple ID numbers has many different identities. The world is not only flat, but it is also getting into mess. Who are you? Who am I? When is this you? When is that you?

Name is always more meaningful than a string of meaningless symbols. It at least tells what kinds of expectations the parents have on the children.

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