03 January 2006

Building Great Customer Experiences - P21

Customer experience definition

The cuustomer experience is a blend of a company's physical performance and the emotions evoked, intuitively measured against customer expectations across all moments of contact.

The customer experience is a blend. It is therefore not just the physical or the emotional; it is both combined, blended. During a customer experience consumers 'intuitively measure' their experience against their expectations. They do this at whatever point they are in contact with the company, hence 'across all moments of contact'. This means the customer does not know and does not care about your organizational structure or the problems you may have. This builds on 'moments of truth', which recognize that there is moment of truth whenever a customer is in contact with your organization.

Moments of contact are a chain of touchpoints.

What is a touchpoint?

There are many definitions.

Touchpoint Metrics - Every point of contact is a touchpoint – online and off; each communication, human resource, branding, marketing and sales process initiative creates touchpoints. The quality of touchpoint experiences drives perceptions, actions and relationships. All of the physical, communication and human interactions your company’s audiences experience over their relationship lifecycle with your company.

Touchpoint Experience - Every point in time the customer “touches” or connects with your company throughout the entire product/service delivery; pre-, during and post-purchase.

Teradata - Customer interaction channels such as call centers, web sites, automated teller machines and web kiosks.

The Brand Gap - Any place where people come in contact with a brand, including product use, packaging, advertising, editorial, movies, store environments, company employees, and causal conversation.

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